Restaurant Accessibility:

1.    The restaurant is not accessible for those with mobility handicap

2.    The restaurant does not have handicap restrooms

3.    The restaurant is in a historically preserved building and this is the reason for lack of accessibility

Site Accessibility:

We see great importance in providing equal services to all website users and have taken many steps to make this site accessible. The aim of our efforts is to make the website available, convenient, and easy to use for individuals with disabilities. The site content was written in a clear and direct language. The site was designed baring in mind and with adjustments for customers who are vision impaired.

By using the tab function, you can easily navigate the different sections and the arrow buttons can be used to scroll up and down. Increasing and decreasing font sizes is possible through the browsers.

The different pages of the site can be reached by using the menu bar

In the table reservation section on the website- Accessibility has not yet been completed. At the moment, you cannot complete online reservation without the use of a mouse.

We will continue to maintain and improve the level of accessibility on our website. If you have encountered an accessibility issue online please inform us and we will strive to correct it.

We will be happy to receive any comment, idea or suggestion regarding accessibility

Our email for communications regarding accessibility:

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