There are many wonderful activities in or around our area, which are easily combined with a meal at the Eucalyptus.

Teddy Park

This beautiful new park, named after Jerusalem’s most renowned mayor, Teddy Kolak. The park and the small museum adjacent to it follow the incredible life story of this local hero. In its center is a large water fountain, which provides a free nightly water, sound and light show, from Dusk till 10pm.

The Tower of David

Just across the street from the Eucalyptus, stands the majestic Citadel. This ancient tower and fortress have been looking over the old city and its surroundings since the middle ages. It hoses a museum focusing on the history of Jerusalem, Changing galleries, a 360 degree panoramic view of the city from the minaret, an archeological garden, and a unique night spectacular– a light and sound show telling the history of the city.

The Mamilla Mall

Opposite side of the street from the Eucalyptus is the new Mamilla mall- a renovated historic street expertly preserved and converted into a chic and luxurious mall, filled with boutiques and high end international shops.

The Artist Colony

Surrounding our restaurant is the Jerusalem artist colony. Shops filled with exquisite hand crafted Judaica and art, this area shows off the traditional works and their modern takes.

The City Center

The heart of the city is just a ten minute walk from the restaurant. Here you can explore the modern history of the city and visit local art dealers, the city market (shuk) and the local colorful bars.

City of David

This magnificent archeological site is one of the leading tourist attractions in Israel, featuring many activities for groups of all ages. It’s only a few minutes’ drive from The Eucalyptus, so you can complete your day of discovering ancient Jerusalem with a full Biblically themed meal.

Mishkenot Sha’ananim

A stroll through the quaint and historic neighborhood of Mishkenot Sha’ananim is a perfect way to build up an appatite before a meal with us. This stone street grouping of houses was the very first neighborhood built outside the old city walls back in the 19th century. Don’t miss the majestically renovated windmill, now an active museum, the center for music and the wonderful view from the upper deck of the walkway.

The Cinemateque

This cultural center of films is a longstanding Jerusalem icon. Besides hosting the Jewish film festival every summer, it also focuses on foreign, independent and Hollywood films, hosts lectures and movie marathons.

Sultan’s Pool

Located just south of the Eucalyptus, this 16th century water reservoir is now the epicenter of Jerusalem summer festival season, Hosting many local and international musical artists, as well as the yearly Chutzot Hayotzer arts festival in August.

The First Station

This formerly deserted turn-of-the-century train station was recently been renovated and has become a hub of weekend vacationers and nostalgia fiends. Learn about the history of trains in Jerusalem and their importance to its development, visit the modern art gallery or shop the farmers market. This location also offers Segway rentals for touring the city, kids’ activities and musical performances.